The Clan Lamont Society of Canada
The Clan Lamont Society of Canada was founded in 1986 by Jean Watson who became our first president and helped establish the society’s bylaws. Jean is well know as the mother of Tartan Day in Nova Scotia, a celebration of Scottish Heritage that has since spread across Canada.

Our mission is to promote Scottish heritage through education, sponsored activities and fellowship between Clan Lamont members, members of other Scottish clans, and the general public.

In July of 1996 Clan Chief Peter Lamont traveled to Canada and met with members of the Clan Lamont Society of Canada. His visit was a wonderful inspiration and a validation of our work.

Clan Lamont Society of Canadada TargeIn 1992, the clan chief approved a Canadian targe (shield) for the Clan Lamont Society of Canada.

The society contacted highland armourer Edward Elrick of Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick in 1992 to design a targe for the Canadian society. After the design was approved, two targes were made. One was sent as a gift to the chief by Mr. Elrick and the other was purchased by the society.

The targe is on display at St. Ann’s Gaelic College in Cape Breton, along with wooden plaques containing pictures of the coat of arms, our tartan, stones from Castle Toward and other clan Information.

The Clan Lamont Society of Canada financially supports several causes that are significant to our own clan and to Scottish heritage in general. To raise funds for these and other events we accept donations and sell Scottish theme merchandise.