An insight on the criminal law in Canada

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Criminal law is a wide field which includes several criminal evidence and procedure, substantive criminal laws along with police investigation. So entirely, criminal defence lawyer Toronto generally indicates all the rules which everybody should follow without breaking it with their unlawful behavior. All the provisions which are present in the criminal offenses mainly include laws for protecting the public and maintaining the values of the society.

Starting from preserving morality to protecting the people from any kind of assault offenses. It also includes protection of the property and preserving the peace of the public. With the help of criminal defence lawyer Toronto, the society will follow all the values by denouncing the violators. There are several amendments to the criminal law in order to make the law more strict and flexible with the changing societal values.criminal defence lawyer toronto

Origin of the change

With the Constitution Act of 1867, the criminal law came into the scene. So the constitutional provision will give the federal government the power to start new laws that were concerning the criminal procedure and criminal defence lawyer Toronto. The provinces can easily pass this legislation. The punishment can be in form of imprisonment, fine or penalty. The province has got the legislative competence that was concerned with the administration of justice in a province. Appointing the prosecutors and administering the court along with appointing the judges are the part of provincial responsibilities.

The court will measure all the legislation along with criminal code with related statutes. There is an appeal system in the criminal court which are there for correcting the injustices as well as avoid inconsistencies when it comes to applying the law. There are several illegal activities which do not always fall under the category of crime. It is a part of the civil law or private lawsuits.

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Parts of the criminal law

Criminal law can be divided into two parts one is the prohibited conduct and the other is the required mental element. Before any act becoming a part of the crime it is falling under the category of offense. It can be regarded as the act of commission or omission. In recent years, the Parliament has now passed the legislation substantially for amending some sentences in the provision of the criminal code. It will help in giving more attention to the victims of the crime and will also help them to adopt new measures for compensating the victims.

The guilty mind is one of the toughest concepts and is a part of the criminal court when it comes to considering any particular type of offense.

The criminal law of the different country is different but the main thing which every country has in common is their intention to punish the person who has done any wrongful deeds. It is very important to learn about all the criminal activities in order to prevent yourself from committing one. A criminal offense can range from a mirror to the major one. If any person has been the victim of any criminal activity and they should surely opt for criminal defence lawyer Toronto.

Canadian Permanent Residence Visa – English Proficiency Test Requirements

For permanent residency, potential applicants may appear for various exams, but only test scores of the IELTS or CELPIP are accepted. Additionally, for applicants who can speak in French, TEF test scores will be accepted.

For candidates well versed in English

  •   IELTS – General Training
  •   CELPIP – General

For candidates who know French

  •   TEF – Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking

First-time applicants for permanent residency must obtain test scores from either one of the above three options to be eligible. To know more about eligibility criteria, immigration lawyers in Brampton available near cities like Brampton are available for consultation.

Let’s see what are the differences between IELTS and CELPIP?


IELTS test can be taken anywhere in the world including Canada. The location where the examination was taken doesn’t matter for evaluation. It consists of a written examination and speaking examination, which is conducted face-to-face with an interviewer. The listening part consists of both British and North American accents. There is no limit on attempts and it can be taken anytime as per availability of seats at the venue. A lot of free study materials are available as well apart from paid materials. For even more clarity, immigration lawyers in Brampton can be contacted.

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CELPIP test can only be taken in Canada, the Philippines, U.S.A or the U.A.E. It is a computer-based examination and all input need to be given through a headset although Spell-check is authorized. The oral examination is done by speaking through a computer monitor. Since the examination is based in Canada, Canadian English can be used. Lots of questions are based on life in Canada so people staying there might find it relatively easier. The study materials can be purchased from the CELPIP official website. Practice exams for listening and writing are available for free. Applicants must wait for one month before appearing for the next examination. For more information about CELPIP, immigration lawyers in Brampton around cities like Brampton can be easily consulted.

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For permanent residency, applicants must convert their test score match with the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) format.

The conversion chart is available the following link:

For instance, a score of CLB 7 for “Federal Skilled Worker” or “Canada Experience Class” will require a score of 6.0 on the IELTS test. Generally, CLB 7 is like an intermediate level in language skill. CELPIP test scores are directly in CLB format.

Some important things to keep in mind:

  •   The results will be valid for two years.
  •   Re-examination can be taken for both the IELTS and CELPIP for insufficient score be it Writing or Speaking.
  •   Applicants who are sponsored by a family member, can skip the English examination.

More information can be taken from immigration lawyers in Brampton who have the technical expertise to guide for PR process. They can be contacted easily in cities like Brampton. The immigration lawyers in Brampton can be consulted for knowing about the entire process.