In the Gaelic language of Scotland, that means Welcome.
We are the Clan Lamont Society of Canada. Our mission is to advance Scottish culture through education on our website and at Scottish gatherings.

You are invited to join us in celebrating our love of Scottish culture and heritage, be you of Scottish ancestry or simply interested in Celtic culture. Here you will find information and fellowship. Learn of the origins of Clan Lamont, the latest activities of the society and how you can join in.

The Clan Lamont Society of Canada is a not for profit organization that works in conjunction with Clan Lamont societies around the world. Clan Lamont members across Canada represent the society in activities within the country and internationally, such as the recent Clan Lamont gathering in Scotland and the gathering of the clans in Nova Scotia, the Canadian province whose name means New Scotland.

The Clan Lamont Society of Canada welcomes both Canadian and international members. The Lamont family is one of the oldest in Scotland and its members are found around the world.

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The Clan Lamont motto is Ne Parcas Nec Spernas – “Neither Spare Nor Scorn”. Our family badge, shown in the banner above, contains the red hand of Ulster and depicts our Irish roots.

The head of Clan Lamont is Chief Peter Noel Lamont of that Ilk.

Rev. Lamont is a Roman Catholic priest living in Australia. He was born on 21 November 1955, and became chief upon the death of his father, Noel Brian Lamont, on16 July 1972. His branch of the family came to Australia in 1855, led by his great great grandfather, Edward Buller Lamont.

The chiefship moved to Australia in 1929, when Peter’s great uncle, Edward Luis Lamont, became the 22nd chief. Peter has a younger brother, Gregory, who is married, and has sons, so the chief’s line will continue in Australia through his nephews. He also has a sister, Roxanne. Father Lamont was ordained at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, in Parramatta on 22 November 1986.

The chief’s last visit to Canada was in July of 1996.

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